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We're Disbennett Wealth Management Group. If you haven't heard of us, it's understandable. We've always been more interested in our clients hearing from us rather than about us, however, now is the perfect time to introduce ourselves.

We are a focused partner and guide because we understand that personal investing is just that - personal. Everyone's financial situation is as unique as they are. So we ask questions first, we listen, we relate, we guide. In the end, our success comes from understanding- the kind of understanding that leads to long-lasting relationships.

Yet, with the uncertainty and mistrust that exists in the finanical world today, we also want to tell you what we're not.

We are not a financial firm that's flashy or pretentious. We are not so big that we lose our ability to build and nurture relationships with our clients. We are not faceless to our clients, and they are not, nor will they ever be just a number to us. So, I guess you could say we are down-to-earth, which makes sense because that's exactly where our clients are.

Our clients, their hopes and dreams, their current state and their ideal future are where our focus lies each and every day. This focus keeps three things perfectly clear: our client's goals, our client's plan and our conscience. When we work with a client, we're in it together.

We have four simple beliefs that serve as the foundation of our focus. We call them the "Core Four." Since the inception of our company, these beliefs have served as a guideline for our growth and will always be the means to our sucess.

Core Four

1. Our clients goals come first: When we help ensure our client's success, we ensure our own.

2. We prevail together: No one achieves greatness alone, which is why we work as a team to help our clients thrive.

3. Our integrity is not for sale: Doing well must never replace doing right. This is more important today than ever before.

4. Listening creates possibilities: Listening carefully to understand what our clients really want is the only way we can help them find success.

Along with the "Core Four" we also implement a "Total Asset Approach". Each asset area is important individually, but managing them collectively is one of the most important factors in your overall financial success. Our approach to investing can not only help you plan for retirement, but could also reduce your exposure to taxes, meet your insurance needs, and provide a plan to help successfully transfer your assets to your children and grandchildren.

Whether your financial endeavors are relatively simple or extremely complex, Disbennett Wealth Management Group can develop a strategy that is best suited for you. Visit the other pages of our website for more details on our firm and the services we offer.

Call (740) 277-6172 or e-mail us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and receive a personalized recommendation aimed at helping you achieve your financial goals.